Sustainable Restaurant
3 ways to create a more sustainable restaurant

Are you looking at ways to become more sustainable without having to make expensive investments?

There are plenty of ways that your restaurant can become more sustainable without having to dig deep into your annual budget. Here are a few practical and simple steps that you can take to boost your green credentials ahead of the wider opening of hospitality businesses later this spring.

Food Produce

Focus on produce

Reviewing where and how you get the raw materials to create your drinks and dishes can help you take significant strides forward on your mission to becoming more sustainable.

Where possible, choose local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint created by shipping and partner with those who have already invested in making their own business more sustainable as this can boost your own attempts to reduce your impact on the environment.

Another area that can be tackled easily is the issue of waste. With pickling and fermentation now big trends amongst the health food set, many vegetables that would normally end up in your compostable waste could be transformed into tasty side dishes with a plethora of wellness boosting health benefits.

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens

Are your appliances as energy-efficient as they can be? Do they repurpose waste energy to provide hot water to your central heating system, for example via our partner KERS?

Some pieces of sustainability technology are well worth the investment as they slash energy use and help prevent wastage, but if you don’t have a big budget to spare straight away, then fear not.

Replacing old appliances with energy-efficient models and moving your refrigeration units away from hot food prep areas could both deliver notable energy savings.

Another thing worth looking at is your energy provider. Are they using sustainable energy sources such as wind farms to provide you with power? There are so many companies that offer energy from sustainable sources, so why not have a look around?

Interior Design

Interior design

If you want to give your bar or dining area a lift but are concerned about the environmental impact of a full fit-out, the good news is that there is now an amazing array of old materials that can be reimagined and reused to create a brand new aesthetic throughout the venue. Many materials are actually highly reusable and recyclable with a little imagination, which extends their life and reduces the amount of rubbish sent to landfill, as well as giving you a better return on your initial investment. Our contract furniture team can help with this.

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