Running a Profitable Cocktail Bar
Essential tips for a profitable cocktail bar

Regardless of whether your establishment is a fully-fledged cocktail bar with a huge selection of drinks or a more standard venue with a smaller cocktail station to compliment a much larger main bar, your cocktails are going to be big source of profit in your venture. The prices of the cocktails you’ll sell here are much higher and have a higher perceived value than a standard pint of lager. Discerning drinkers will pay the higher price tags for the most creative cocktail combinations. As such, it’s vital that you make the most of your cocktail bar; here’s our tips to help you do just that and send your profit levels soaring.

Zero-step bartending

Zero-step bartending reduces the amount of movement that your bartenders have to do by putting everything they need within arm’s reach. This allows them to make cocktails quicker, increasing both your speed of service and profitability of space, so if you’re yet to complete your bar fit-out then it’s worth considering zero-step designs.

Make the most of technology

New technological advancements that can help bartenders are being developed every day, and making the most of new equipment on the market is integral to keeping your profits flowing. Why not invest in the latest top-of-the-line cocktail station so that your bartenders can whip up drinks in greater volumes at a quicker pace?

Smart storage

If you aren’t storing your cocktail ingredients properly then how can you expect them to taste delicious? Refrigeration for your mixers is a must, and garnishes and herbs need to be stored correctly to ensure they are in premium condition.

Organisation is key

Another hugely important aspect of running a profitable cocktail bar is keeping your workspace organised. Bartenders who have to duck and dive to reach ingredients will take much longer to make drinks, with lengthy waiting times making the likelihood of your customers walking out the door greater. On top of this, having your bartender abandon your customer means that they won’t be able to tell them about your special offers and new cocktail combinations which, again, can impact on your profits at the end of the night.

Cleanliness is key

You’re probably already aware of this, but keeping your cocktail bar clean is essential to maintaining healthy margins. In the age of social media, it’s extremely easy for unclean bar reviews to be shared with the whole world, potentially ruining your reputation and earning yourself a knock on the door from a health inspector. If your bartenders aren’t cleaning the glasses then your drinks aren’t going to taste right either, which can again spoil your reputation and cause your takings to nosedive. Keep it clean!

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