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How important is good branding for your restaurant bar?

There are millions of restaurants in the UK that you’re competing with for customers. Each one will have its own USPs, target audiences, menus and décor to try and wrangle as many guests as possible, and in order to compete in this fiercely competitive atmosphere, you need to ensure that your restaurant’s brand is on point.

Everything from the look, design and feel of your restaurant up to the tone of voice your staff employ when talking to guests makes up your brand and, if your brand is successful, creates an eatery that will resonate with your guests and leave them hungry for more. Read on for our step by step guide on how to start building your brand.

Define your brand

The first step to a successful brand is defining who you are. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Who are you doing it for? Who are you as restauranteurs? The answers to these questions will form the foundation of your restaurant and allow you to implement your beliefs and values into your brand.

Within these questions lies the answer to another crucial aspect of defining your brand; identifying your USP. What makes you different from anyone else? Is it your seating layout that engenders a social dining experience like no other? Or is it the fact your menu serves specialty dishes that no other restaurant offers?

Positioning your brand

After deciding your core values and USP, it’s time to position yourself in the market. To do this, we recommend following the four Ps:

  • Product – What are you selling?
  • Price – Are you a budget restaurant or high-end eatery?
  • Promotion – How are you promoting yourself to customers?
  • Place – Where do you fit in amongst the restaurant genres?

Establishing your look

Critical to your brand’s success is your eatery’s aesthetics. Choose décor and furniture that reflects the kind of establishment you are and your core values, and don’t stray from it. Mixing and matching your restaurant’s look makes for an inconsistent and ultimately forgettable brand.

Creating your voice

One of the most vital parts of developing your brand’s identity is finding your voice. This is essentially the personality of your restaurant and how you communicate with your customers, from the way your text reads on your website to how your staff talk to your guests in person.

If you’re a fun, family eatery then employ upbeat, chatty staff to reflect that. On the other hand, if you’re a more conservative fine-dining establishment, then choose an austere writing style for your website and a polite yet reserved waiting service.

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