Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen equipment risks… and how to reduce them

Commercial kitchens can be challenging places to work, and even more challenging to manage. Not only does kitchen equipment need to facilitate the speedy delivery of orders, it also needs to maintain the safety of both venue employees and customers.

Kitchen Equipment

So just what are the biggest equipment-based risks in the hospitality sector?

Production Loss & Customer Safety

According to Food Safety News, a whopping 85% of all production loss in restaurants is due to the inadequate storage of food and an inability to handle and process ingredients in a timely and temperature-controlled manner. And the reason? Poorly-performing equipment. Equipment malfunctions and a loss of power to essential appliances such as refrigerators is noted as being a major concern for restaurateurs. In the United States last year, 44 Steak ‘n Shake restaurants were temporarily shut as a direct result of old equipment that negatively affected workplace productivity.

Fires & Explosions

All electrical equipment carries risk, and there have been a large number of deadly fires caused by commercial kitchen appliances and venue utilities. One of the worst fires in the hospitality industry took place in 1980, in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand resort when a pastry display cabinet suffered an electrical fault, killing 85 people. More recently, a gas leak at a Japanese restaurant in New York caused a blast that ripped through three East Village buildings, killing two and leaving 20 injured. These real life examples demonstrate how devastating a lack of commercial kitchen maintenance can be.

Kitchen Equipment

How to reduce risk

FSR (Full Service Restaurant) Magazine reports that restaurants that implement standardised processes, utilise available technologies, and draw upon industry professionals for repairs and maintenance of kitchen equipment typically show a 50% reduction in operating costs than their ill-prepared counterparts. Statistics such as this suggest that maintenance contracts and ongoing support are vital components of running a successful restaurant, especially a mix of proactive and reactive support.

At Dawnvale, we are committed to helping our hospitality clients thrive, which is why we offer professional 24 hour aftercare support, helping restaurant owners to reduce the likelihood of kitchen equipment failure, and, should an incident occur, minimising the impact of the event through reduced downtime and managed reputation.

The dedicated Dawnvale support team can:

  • Install, repair, service, and remove gas, LPG, and electrical catering appliances
  • Repair faulty refrigerators as needed, and carry out scheduled maintenance
  • Offer planned preventative maintenance for all appliances and equipment
  • Be on the other end of the phone 24 hours a day, whenever you need them

At Dawnvale, we also offer full breakdown cover and flexible contracts for fridges and freezers, ovens and grills, induction hobs and cooking stations, fryers, microwaves, dishwashers, coffee machines, and more, ensuring that your kitchen is operating safely and optimally, and is always ready to meet the needs and expectations of guests.

Our support doesn’t end once the equipment is ordered or installed. Our team is on hand for any additional help or advice you may need moving forwards. It’s all part of the service.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us now.

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