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Plant positivity: why living walls offer green gains for businesses

Many bars and restaurants are big on sustainability, and one highly visual way of showcasing a real commitment to the environment, is with a living wall.

These walls are created using an array of different plant species and a vertical irrigation system that feeds and waters the plants simultaneously, meaning that the plants very much look after themselves while also offering an attractive and sensory experience for visitors.

However, these living walls offer far more than just an aromatic treat for the senses; read on to discover some of the many benefits of installing a living wall in your own bar, restaurant or hotel…

Living Wall Branding

Clean, healthy air

Air pollution in cities and built-up urban areas has hit worrying levels, and businesses are being urged to do as much as they can to lessen their impact on the environment. Living walls help to purify the air by filtering particulate matter and converting CO2 into oxygen. Just one square metre of living wall produces an incredible 1.7kg of oxygen and helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your premises significantly.

Reduced heating costs

If your cooling bills are steadily rising, a living wall can also help bring down the ambient room temperature by up to 30%! Plants are brilliant at absorbing the sunlight they require for healthy growth, this natural filtration systems means that installing a living wall can significantly cut air conditioning costs during the warmer months. The presence of a lush, leafy green space also offers your guests a cooler, more comfortable environment without the need to crank up the cooling units.

Living walls can also help contribute to the lowering of city temperatures with a reduction of up to 3 degrees according to researchers.

Reduce ambient noise

Dining areas can often be noisy during peak times, but a living wall offers a natural solution to sound absorption without using man-made materials. Plants are capable of absorbing up to 41% of sound from both inside and out, so they are an excellent way of bringing down the decibels and almost halving ambient noise.

Hotel Living Wall

Healthy spaces

Greenery in an indoor environment contributes to a healthier space, with the number of headaches, irritable eyes and even tiredness levels being drastically improved by the presence of plants. Not only is this great for your diners, but it also has a positive impact on your employees too.

Plant power

The positive effects of plants on people have been proven, with studies showing an increase in productivity of up to 15% in spaces where greenery is present. Living walls also have an essential role to play in our overall wellbeing too, with reductions in stress levels and higher relaxation rates being reported – ideal if you want to attract stressed-out workers to your restaurant for a soothing lunchtime retreat.

Fire-resistant walls

By their very nature, plants retain a lot of moisture which they need to live and thrive. Adding a living wall not only regulates moisture levels in the air which reduces dry eyes and throats, they also act as a fire-resistant barrier in any area they are installed, making them a safe and sensory addition.

Food Hall Living Wall

Biodiversity gains

Living walls aren't just popular on the internal walls of restaurants and walls; they are also making an appearance on outdoor terraces and patios with limited space for greenery. Outdoor living walls are a perfect way to utilise any available space and add a much-needed pop of colour. If you take it step further and choose an array of colourful plants to attract insects such as bees and butterflies, you're also encouraging biodiversity too.

Low maintenance

The pants used to create living walls are specifically chosen as they need little in the way of care and maintenance. The vertical irrigation systems required to feed and water the plants provide the walls with everything they need to stay healthy, so there's no need for anything more than the odd check-up every few months to ensure that your wall is looking its best.

Replica living walls

For any bar or restaurant that doesn’t have the budget, space or plumbing for a real living wall, Dawnvale are able to offer a great solution that replicates the same look and feel of a real-life living wall.

Providing both real-life living walls and replica counterparts, any bar and restaurant can enjoy the living wall look, totally tailored to suit the individual style, size and shape needed. Both real and faux bark and cork can be integrated into the walls for a rustic look, and there is a wide range of mosses, plants and flowers on offer to suit any décor or colour scheme.

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