Since 2001, we’ve worked closely with TGI Fridays, carrying out refurbishment work on new and existing branches across the country. From dedicated aftercare services to full turnkey fit out projects, we’re proud to have been tasked with supporting this worldwide brand.

Versatility is a key part of our work for TGI Fridays. The restaurant serves a wide selection of food and drink, so our one-stop-shop approach suits them perfectly, whether they need commercial kitchens, innovative serveries, or attractive and functional bars.

  • Name: TGI Fridays
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Website:
  • Scope: Bar + Restaurant Fit Out
  • Branches: 80
TGI Fridays Bar
TGI Fridays Fixed Seating
TGI Fridays Fixed Seating


Our dedicated TGI Fridays department works with the company on an ongoing basis, fitting out new and existing stores, carrying out maintenance and repairs, and consulting with the brand on issues like operational layout.


We design, supply and fit all of TGI Fridays’ kitchens, bars, cold-rooms, freezer rooms and cellar cooling systems. Our service department also carries out regular services and repairs to local stores.


Working closely with TGI Fridays’ executive chefs and bartenders, we create innovative service solutions. Our low energy kitchen design, created over 12 years ago, has become the blueprint for all TGI Fridays outlets.


We create flexible solutions to the challenges we face at individual TGI Fridays venues, while adhering to the strict design briefs that preserve TGI Fridays’ distinctive visual brand.

TGI Fridays Restaurant Fit Out
TGI Fridays Bar
TGI Fridays Restaurant Seating
TGI Fridays Fixed Seating
TGI Fridays Wall Decor


Our bespoke bar, commercial kitchen and servery systems help TGI Fridays staff to meet the constant flow of food and drink orders, serving customers quickly, easily and efficiently.


Our low-energy innovations are a big plus for TGI Fridays. Our energy-saving kitchens use the latest technology, and we introduced low energy induction pasta stations with refrigeration units beneath.


We worked with TGI Fridays to create an Innovation Centre at their Watford store. This is used as a space to showcase the latest innovations, products and processes in restaurant and bar.


TGI Fridays use the Innovation Centre for training. We installed multiple cameras and microphones in the bar and kitchen, and created a boardroom with large media screen, enabling attendees to watch live footage from these areas.

TGI Fridays Cocktail Bar
TGI Fridays Fixed Seating
TGI Fridays Restaurant Fit Out
TGI Fridays Fixed Seating
TGI Fridays Furniture
TGI Fridays Wall Decor
TGI Fridays Restaurant & Kitchen

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