Drawing from our established success in enhancing stadium hospitality, we are thrilled to highlight our continued collaboration with Manchester City, showcasing their steadfast dedication to excellence.

We were tasked with transforming the First Team refectory, situated within the Manchester City training complex. This space not only provides a scenic view of the training pitch but also features a fully staffed kitchen, thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the players.

Manchester City First Team Refectory
Manchester City First Team Refectory
Manchester City First Team Refectory


For this project, we collaborated closely with Manchester City’s nutritional team to ensure the catering equipment and layout supported the efficient delivery of bespoke diets. Our objective was to seamlessly integrate the catering process into the team’s daily routine.


We introduced undermounted frost tops, designed to keep pre-chilled food products in the perfect chill zone, to offer flexibility. These tops seamlessly blend with the countertops, providing both chilled and ambient display options, catering to the diverse needs of this world-class team.


Throughout our collaboration with Manchester City, our partnership with Space Invader consistently produces spaces that suit the club's needs. The design centres on natural tones, fostering a calming environment, perfect for players seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.


We recognise that every project is a chance to exceed expectations. Our dedication and innovative solutions were instrumental in bringing Manchester City’s vision to life, benefiting not only their fans but also the staff and players who call this space their own.

Manchester City First Team Refectory

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