At Dawnvale, we’re always working to increase the sustainability and energy efficiency of our projects. The hospitality industry offers huge scope for improvement. Energy expenses typically account for up to 30% of operating costs in the sector, with food preparation, water heating and refrigeration accounting for almost 60% of total energy use. It’s part of our job to help your business do better. Here’s how we can make your next project a sustainable success story.
From the windows to the woodwork, our sustainability experts will make sure your restaurant is planned, built and run in a way that’s as energy-efficient as possible.
We use thermal windows and heat-reflective window film to conserve heat in winter and keep your venue cool in the summer, reducing your carbon emissions and significantly reducing your energy bills.
We prioritise natural and sustainable materials whenever possible, including FSC-certified and renewable wall coverings, recycled timber and metal, and reclaimed fixtures and fittings.
Our skilled fabrication and design team reworks furnishings, fittings and interiors whenever possible to help divert waste from landfill and cut costs — anything from table tops to wall panels.
We install long-lasting, low-energy LED lighting that uses up to 97% less electricity. We also include mirrors and reflective surfaces in our restaurant designs, helping to maximise natural light.
Our bespoke commercial bars deliver style, function and sustainability. We combine responsibly sourced materials with state-of-the-art technology to create beautiful bars that will save you money.
Many of the bar counters and frontages we create for clients are made from reclaimed and recycled materials. We’ve used everything from glass bottles to suitcases and railway sleepers.
We source the best materials for long-term durability. Plus, our bar structures and flooring are guaranteed for life, so no need to worry about anything ending up in landfill.
We keep on top of the latest energy-saving technologies, so we can furnish your commercial bar with high-quality, low-energy appliances that perform perfectly at even the busiest times.
Our commercial bars can be fitted with water-saving technology, including water-saving taps, thermostatic blending valves and non-concussive taps, to minimise unnecessary waste and save you money.
Commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels and industrial facilities consume 300% more energy per square foot than any other type of commercial building. We’re here to change that.
Professionally reconditioned equipment is a sustainable and cost-effective option for kitchen sites, diverting quality second-hand equipment from landfill and making it available to customers on a budget.
Our clients often choose to save money and energy with one of our specialist commercial kitchen heat recovery systems, which use waste heat from the cookline to create free hot water.
We prioritise the use of low-energy commercial kitchen appliances, including rapid heat-up and induction hobs, vaporising grills, A-rated refrigeration, and low energy ovens, fryers and food warmers.
We use hardwearing, environmentally friendly stainless steel for all our commercial kitchen surfaces. The raw stainless steel sheets comprise 60% recycled material and are fully recyclable in turn.
Incorporating recycled materials, particularly metals and plastics, into the furniture we supply means less energy wasted on processing, fewer natural resources needed and more affordable, high quality items.
We prefer to use natural, sustainable materials in our upholstery: wool, cotton and leather are preferable to synthetic materials that are non-biodegradable, less durable and ultimately destined for landfill.
Why order 100 items when 50 cleverly-designed ones will do the same job? Our premium quality multifunctional furniture means more money and space, and less manufacturing and waste.
We love finding innovative ways to incorporate recycled materials and upcycled items into our interior schemes: reclaimed wood seating, recycled countertops, stained glass, and beautifully crafted metalwork.
Here at Dawnvale, we’re skilled at finding, refurbishing and repurposing high quality used materials at competitive prices rather than buying cheap, low-quality restaurant furniture that won’t last.
There are plenty of things we do to make our commercial kitchen, restaurant and bar fit-outs more environmentally responsible. Here are some that don’t quite fit into the categories above.
We use paints and materials that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and harmful substances like formaldehyde or ammonia, keeping your staff, customers and environment safer.
We support the responsible management of natural resources by using only recycled or FSC certified wood. We’ve got a transparent supply chain, too, for added accountability.
An attractive, and increasingly popular addition to commercial spaces, living walls improve air quality, and create a cooler, more pleasant climate that requires up to 33% less air conditioning.
On every project, we plan carefully and source only what you need. We minimise waste and divert unused materials to other projects where they can be reused or recycled.

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