We design and install commercial, low energy and theatre kitchens for a wide range of brands in the hospitality and leisure industries. Combining state of the art catering equipment, specialist technology, our expertly designed layouts streamline service in even the busiest venues.


Our commercial kitchen design team specialises in profit-focused design, incorporating our customers’ individual requirements into cleverly planned layouts that prioritise speed, efficiency and operational flow.

We design from back to front, integrating clever solutions in every area of the commercial kitchen, from deliveries to dishwashing.

We can also help you navigate planning applications and stay compliant with building, planning and listed building regulations, ensuring your project doesn’t snag on any unexpected legislative issues.


We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of superior quality catering equipment for commercial kitchens, including equipment for:

  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Food holding and warming
  • Refrigeration, freezing and cold rooms
  • Warewashing
  • Food display
  • Food storage

Our commercial kitchen design experts will explore your individual requirements and devising the equipment you’ll need to get the job done. Whether you’re looking for kitchen equipment as part of a fit out, or to be installed in your existing kitchen, we can offer you a competitive quote and a comprehensive aftercare service.


We all know chefs can work magic with the simplest of ingredients. Theatre kitchens are the perfect way to showcase your staff’s talents, giving customers a look behind the scenes and providing a wonderful focal point for your eatery.

Our commercial kitchen design team can add the element of theatre to your business, creating a high-performance kitchen that’s suitable to be viewed by patrons. Just like with any of our commercial kitchens, we’ll prioritise speed, safety and efficiency, enabling your staff to do their jobs effortlessly as your customers look on.


Businesses the hospitality and leisure sectors can see huge reductions in cost by embracing energy efficient kitchen technology. Our low energy commercial kitchens are designed to maximise profit by eliminating unnecessary energy expenditure.

We can assess your current kitchen or advise you from the start of a commercial kitchen build, helping you to choose the right equipment for your business and establish a sustainable energy efficiency strategy that will represent significant savings over a prolonged period.

Our aftercare and support service can also keep your energy efficient kitchen running at maximum capacity, help you to avoid the creeping costs that come from a lack of equipment maintenance.


Adequate and effective ventilation is a vital part of any commercial kitchen, protecting your equipment, your premises, and the people who work and dine there.

We offer a range of commercial kitchen ventilation services. including the design, specification, manufacture and installation of:

  • Commercial ventilation systems
  • Commercial kitchen air replacement systems
  • Commercial kitchen hoods
  • Commercial kitchen canopies
  • Fans, filters, speed controllers

We can also help you with the discharge of planning conditions around commercial kitchen extraction facilities, ensuring that your business remains fully compliant with the latest legislation.


We offer a range of high-tech systems designed specifically to control the grease and emissions that can be a troublesome, and sometimes dangerous, part of life in a busy commercial kitchen.

A robust and energy efficient grease, odour and smoke control system can help to resolve odour complaints, reduce the risk of fire, and save money by limiting the need for expensive duct cleaning. We can recommend systems that are easy to install and maintain, and quiet and cheap to run.


A sought-after addition to many commercial kitchens, induction hobs and cookers are a fast and energy efficient alternative to traditional gas and heat transfer electric hobs. Induction hobs and cookers offer optimal heat control and come to temperature immediately, functioning only when in contact with induction-friendly utensils.

Some of the induction hobs, cookers and components we can incorporate into your commercial kitchen:

  • Induction hobs
  • Induction solid tops
  • Wok induction hobs
  • Electric griddles and plancha grills

Induction cooking is becoming an increasingly popular option for commercial kitchens. With no need for an open flame, induction cooking avoids heat wastage and can keep temperatures down to a minimum, in even the busiest of kitchens.


A rapidly growing trend in catering, wood burning grills and BBQ smokers offer an authentic and sought after cooking experience. Particularly suited to meat products, they give a wonderfully deep flavour in a relatively short space of time.

Efficient, effective and easy to maintain, wood burning grills and BBQ smokers are an increasingly popular addition to our commercial kitchen fit outs. With programmable cook times, pre-set temperatures and consistent product pressure, these versatile kitchen technologies can help speed up service and delight customers.

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