At Dawnvale, we believe in maximising profit through design. Value engineering plays a key role in every project we undertake, and we’re renowned for our groundbreaking ideas.

Our in-house resource and design team uses extensive research, careful planning, and design technology to create innovative solutions for commercial bars, kitchens and restaurants. Combining style and function, we’re able to streamline business processes and maximise operational efficiency, while transforming your venue into a space customers will love.

Resource + Design: using knowledge and experience to inspire solutions.

Resource + Design Services:

  • Site evaluation

  • Concept creation + feasability

  • Restaurant moodboards

  • Brand development

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • Hand-drawn visuals

  • Commercial bar and kitchen design

  • Restaurant design

  • Furniture layouts

  • Space planning

  • Product library

  • Product showroom

Resource + Design
Resource + Design
Resource + Design

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