A central part of any commercial bar design, a bar top needs to combine style, hygiene and durability. We manufacture and supply an enormous range of commercial bar tops in natural and synthetic materials, ideally suited to even the most ambitious projects.


Versatile and elegant, granite is a cost-effective alternative to other natural stone countertops including marble. Available in a huge range of shades, textures and patterns, granite is durable enough to withstand the rigours of most bar service applications.

Benefits: naturally hard-wearing, heat-resistant, non-absorbent when correctly sealed


For venues not afraid to show a bit of character, concrete countertops are a stylish option that inject a bit of urban chic. Affordable, durable and reparable, concrete’s a brilliant option for bars that embrace a more rugged look.

Benefits: cost-effective, durable, develops an attractive patina with use


We can create bespoke, solid wooden bar tops in a variety of hardwoods and timbers, both traditional and exotic. Timber counters are cost-effective and easy to maintain, adding a sense of warmth and comfort to a space.

Benefits: stylish, natural material, varied finishes


Non-porous and easy to clean, Corian is ideally suited to bar service applications. This durable material is available in almost infinite styles and colours, from natural stone effect to bolder, more eye-catching designs.

Benefits: varied styles, cost effective, non-porous, easy to clean


We’re able to source, fabricate and fit authentic marble bar tops in a variety of beautiful natural shades. Beautiful, timeless and surprisingly affordable, marble is a popular choice of counter-top material for elegant venues.

Benefits: elegant, cost-effective, widely available


There’s a world of versatility when it comes to metal bar tops. We can create counters in copper, brass, zinc, bronze, pewter, stainless steel and aluminium with a range of finishes, including rustic, distressed, steam punk and traditional.

Benefits: hygienic, varied finishes, cost effective


Our expert craftspeople can customise your choice of countertop with a variety of stylish edges. Some of the most popular edge styles include:

Square Edge Profile
Just as it sounds - a clean, square edge with straight lines top and bottom.
Single Bevel Profile
A single-bevel profile features a 45-degree angle between the horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Birds Beak Profile
A bird’s beak edge comprises a deep rounded profile and a small bevel at the bottom edge.
Radius Profile
With a gentle curve leading to a vertical edge, a radius profile rounds off nicely for a smooth finish.
Bullnose Profile
A smooth, rounded edge for countertops - neat, appealing and very safety conscious.
Shark Nose Profile
Perfect for producing a floating counter effect, the shark nose edge is contemporary and sleek.
Single Imperial Profile
A single imperial profile features a smooth curve crowned by a short, neat, 90 degree edge.
Single Spanish Profile
The traditional single spanish edge combines a 90-degree edge with a convex and concave curve.


A new bar top can be just what’s needed to give your venue a fresh look in a cost-effective way.

We can design and manufacture bespoke replacement bar tops to your exact requirements, giving your bar a new look and improving the standards of hygiene, service and convenience for your staff.

It’s surprisingly easy to install a replacement counter on a bar, so please let us know if you’d like to discuss this option.

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