24 Bar Design Trends 2024
24 bar design trends set to be big in 2024

The sky is the limit when it comes to bar design and 2024 is going to be a big year for businesses who want to push the boundaries.

We expect to see a renewed focus on immersive experiences for guests, all served up in spaces that look just as stylish as the cocktails, craft beers and wines on offer.

Here are 24 of the biggest bar design trends that we expect to be big in 2024.


1. A focus on sustainability

Sustainability continues to be a watch word for the hospitality industry as a whole. When it comes to bar design, we expect to see a renewed commitment to eco-friendly practices across each phase of the design lifecycle. This includes using recycled materials for construction and décor, energy-efficient heating, ventilation and water systems and a reduction in single-use plastics.

Outdoor Dining

2. Bring the outside in

Natural elements such as living walls, roof gardens, textures inspired by nature and reclaimed wood are all set to shine this year. Adding natural elements makes interior spaces feel serene and restful, while aged, reclaimed woods can add visual interest and texture to bar and reception areas.

Enhance Guest Experience with Technology

3. Using technology to enhance guest experiences

There’s no slowing down the march of tech advancement – and that’s something we expect to really feed into bar design over the coming years. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are especially intriguing as they can be deployed to create interactive experiences, such as digital drinks menus and immersive storytelling installations.

Sustainable Menus

4. Sustainable menus

We’re seeing incredible creativity brought to life in our client’s bars with sustainable spirits championed and a real focus on using local, seasonal ingredients in drinks menus.

Unconventional Spaces

5. Unconventional spaces

A growing number of unconventional spaces such as warehouses, old factories, and historical buildings are earning a new lease of life as unique bar destinations.

Multi-Sensory Experiences

6. Multi-sensory experiences

Visiting a bar isn’t just about getting a drink. The most future forward spaces are considering all the senses when designing their guest experience. Bringing textures, visuals, sounds, scents, and tastes together in an immersive design offers endless opportunity for creativity.

Flexible Seating

7. Flexible seating arrangements

Agility and flexibility can be hugely beneficial to bar businesses. Flexible seating which incorporates a mixture of communal tables, cosy booths, and lounge areas offers an easy way to accommodate varying group sizes as well as opening up the door to more curated guest experiences.


8. Storytelling

Themed bars are very popular, so why not consider a new source of inspiration when designing your bar? Whether that’s literature, film, history, or pop culture, inspiration can be found around every corner.

Muti-Functional Spaces

9. Thinking about multi-functional spaces

As a bar, your busiest periods may well be in the evenings. A multi-functional design allows you to maximise revenue. An evening speakeasy could be a daytime café for example.

Bespoke Bar Tops

10. Bespoke bar tops

Bespoke bar designs with visually stunning bar tops are a huge talking point but they also elevate the interior space beyond the norm. Bar tops are a focal point of the space, so why not make it truly special?


11. Collaboration

Collaboration with local artisans, breweries, and distilleries can showcase regional flavours and support the local economy. It also fosters a sense of community and authenticity and can help to build a unique space that has its own sense of identity, elevating it above rival venues.


12. Hidden speakeasies

Who doesn’t love the excitement of walking into a hidden speakeasy? If this is a trend you’re drawn to for 2024, be sure to nurture the feeling of secrecy and exclusivity with hidden entrances and secret passwords.

Live Entertainment

13. Live entertainment

We expect to see (and hear!) more live music in bars in 2024. Whether that’s DJ sets in your outdoor space during summer or solo artists indoors, you’ll need to ensure space is set aside in your design to accommodate essential equipment and your chosen performer(s).

No Alcohol Lifestyle

14. Embrace the no-alcohol lifestyle with your menu

Younger generations are more likely to abstain from alcohol or go the low alcohol route, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to go to a bar. Introducing low-alcohol and no alcohol options will be on many a bar’s radar this year but the most creative venues will go further than simply adding alcohol beer or cider to their menus. Instead, we expect to see delicious, decadent mocktails that still have all the style and glamour of classic favourites taking centre stage with unusual ingredients and visually appealing garnishes.

Vintage Interiors

15. Vintage and retro interiors

Closely tied to the sustainability trend, vintage and retro interiors are also set to make a comeback. Embracing nostalgia with vintage-inspired décor opens the door to playing around with different fabrics and materials as well as exploring upcycling and recycling older pieces.

Interactive Mixology Stations

16. Interactive mixology stations

As we’ve already seen, there’s a growing shift towards offering guests experiences and tempting sensors other than taste. As an extension of that, we may start to see more interaction between bar tenders, guests and their chosen tipples. To bring this trend to life, you could even consider offering guests the chance to make their own drinks with an interactive mixology station equipped with fresh ingredients, herbs, and garnishes.

Locally Sourced Decor

17. Locally sourced decor

Locally sourced and handcrafted furniture and décor anchor a venue to its space. This is easily achieved by planning to showcase handcrafted elements such as bespoke barware, artisanal glassware, and custom-made furniture.

Outdoor Space

18. Don’t forget about your outdoor space

Maximise whatever outdoor space you have with rooftop bars, garden terraces, and al fresco seating areas to be firmly on trend and in demand. However, don’t consider your outdoor space to be for summer use only. The use of heat lamps, outdoor pods or retractable roofs can expand the usefulness of your exterior areas beyond peak summer season.

Digital Ordering

19. Digital ordering and payments

Making things simpler for your customers by using mobile apps, QR code menus, and contactless payment options can also make life easier for your team, allowing for faster service.

Artistic Installations

20. Artistic installations

Custom artwork is one of the easiest ways to transform a space or switch up the look from season to season. Why not collaborate with local artists to create bespoke murals, sculptures, and installations that add a bit of personality to your bar?

Unique Light Installations

21. Unique light installations

Lighting is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Statement lights can totally transform both the look and feel of a space – this is one area where you can be really creative and truly cement the ambience you’re seeking to create.

Tile Resurgence

22. The resurgence of tiles

Tiles may be considered a little old-fashioned but with interesting new materials and avant garde design, we think they’re coming back in vogue. We expect to see more tiles used in bar design as new projects are developed – whether that’s for statement entrances on the floor or even on the bar itself.

Bright & Beautiful

23. Bright and beautiful

Classic styles always circle back around, so while we may have seen a clean and minimalist aesthetic reining supreme for some years now, 2024 could well be the year that bright, bold, sunshine colours make a comeback. This trend is open to interpretation and can be subtly adopted or taken all out.

Urban Playgrounds

24. Urban playgrounds

Playing up urban locations with details such as exposed brick walls and visible pipes but we can expect to see this trend evolving in 2024. The more creative spaces will combine this aesthetic with other design elements, such as biophilic design to juxtapose the natural environment or lush vintage fabrics such as velvet and corduroy for seating and soft furnishings.

If your 2024 diary includes a new bar design project, speak to our team today. With full end-to-end project management and a complete range of interior fit-out services we can handle your entire project under one roof.

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