Hotel Trends for 2024
Embracing the future: Seven hotel trends to watch in 2024

The hotel industry is on the brink of a transformative year, and as we step into 2024, a wave of innovative trends is set to redefine the hospitality experience.

From technological marvels to a heightened focus on sustainability and wellness, let's explore the seven hotel trends that will shape the way we travel, stay, and experience hospitality in 2024.

Hotel Technology

1. Bringing technology to your hotel room

In 2024, we’re going to see hotels leverage technology to create a more personalised and seamless experience for their guests. This will be made possible thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. It’s a similar type of technology that other industries have been using for some time, but its benefits have been largely untapped in hospitality.

Using this technology, hotels will be able to analyse guest preferences and behaviours, so they can tailor their services, room amenities, and suggest local experiences that they know guests will enjoy. The technology can even exchange smart room controls and personalised concierge apps to give guests an elevated experience from the moment they check-in.

Hotel Check-In Mobile Phone

2. Seamless check-in and check-out

Contactless check-in and check-out processes are becoming standard, with mobile apps serving as the key so guests can go straight up to their rooms after a busy day of traveling or exploring.

Guests can use their smartphones not only to check in but also to unlock their rooms, order room service, and communicate with hotel staff, minimising physical touchpoints for a safer and more convenient stay.

Hotel Culinary Experiences

3. Providing culinary experiences beyond room service

Hotels are expanding their culinary offerings beyond traditional room service to impress guests and offer more luxurious stays.

In 2024, expect to see hotel dining experiences curated by renowned chefs, interactive cooking classes for guests, and partnerships with local food vendors to bring local tastes to the hotel. This helps to change hotels from being somewhere that you just rest your head at the end of the day into the destination itself with plenty of culinary activities to keep you occupied.

By improving the culinary experiences that guests can enjoy, hotels are seeking to do something a little different than their competitors and go beyond what’s normally expected from the typical hotel restaurant fare.

A standout example of this can be found in the sophisticated, gourmet restaurant Blok within the charming Lanelay Hall spa hotel. Cosily nestled into the gently undulating landscape of South Wales, Blok fuses fine dining with heritage British flavours. A foodie destination in its own right in addition to being part of the hotel, the menu is packed with modern dishes and clever twists and attracts diners from far and wide. This project is one close to our hearts here at Dawnvale, as we worked with the Lanelay Hall team to renovate the centrepiece chef’s table, revamp the stylish dining space and install a secret door passage.

Hotel Wellness

4. A greater focus on wellness

The wellness trend is evolving beyond spa treatments and doing a yoga session every now and then – it’s something that all industries are offering, from hospitality to offices. Hotels are now integrating holistic well-being into every aspect of the guest experience to provide these elevated wellness opportunities.

In 2024, expect to see fitness programs curated by wellness experts, healthy menu options, and mindfulness spaces within hotel premises. Wellness tourism is already set to be a growing business over the next few years and, even if your hotel isn’t specifically targeting this group of travellers, offering more wellness activities can make a big difference.

The goal is to provide guests with an opportunity to rejuvenate both their bodies and minds during their stay. Which is exactly what some guests want after busy days travelling.

Sustainable Hotel

5. The importance of sustainable stays

As environmental consciousness continues to grow, hotels are doubling down on sustainable practices.

In 2024, eco-friendly initiatives are not just a trend but a fundamental aspect of the hospitality industry. From energy-efficient designs and waste reduction programs to locally sourced, organic menus, hotels are embracing sustainability to meet the demands of eco-conscious travellers who don’t want to compromise on their values while travelling.

Flexible Working Spaces

6. Offering flexible spaces for remote work

With the rise of remote work, hotels are adapting their spaces to cater to the needs of business travellers and digital nomads.

In 2024, you can anticipate hotels offering co-working spaces, private meeting rooms, and high-speed internet connectivity to accommodate guests who need a comfortable and productive environment to work remotely. Hotels are positioning themselves as not just places to stay but as dynamic hubs for both work and leisure.

Authentic Art

7. A boost of authenticity

In 2024, travellers are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that connect them with the local culture. They don’t just want to sit in their hotel for a week, they want to explore a new destination, integrate with the locals, and try some of the local cuisine for themselves.

Hotels are responding to this desire by curating partnerships with local artisans, offering guided tours led by community members, and incorporating local design elements into their decor – like wood from local trees to create bedframes, or locally-made textiles to furnish hotel rooms.

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