Should Your Restaurant Offer Experiences
Should your restaurant offer experiences?

The last few years have been tough for the restaurant industry. The pandemic brought about a whole set of challenges, with restauranteurs across the country having to navigate very murky waters simply to stay afloat.

What this period proved, however, is the resilience and tenacity of businesses operating in the hospitality sector. Restauranteurs fought tooth and nail to keep their premises open.

While the threat of the pandemic has waned, new problems have arisen. Rising energy costs, increasing food prices, and labour shortages are just a few – all of which pose their own financial challenges.

To mitigate the costs associated with these problems, restaurants may consider diversifying their offerings. One way to do this is by introducing experiences. Let’s take a closer look at what this entails.

Bottomless Brunch

What is a restaurant experience?

A restaurant experience is an activity created to enhance the dining experience. This could be a chef’s custom menu, a theme, bottomless brunch, or even live music. They can be offered as prepaid events, helping to generate additional income. Alternatively, an experience such as a jazz band on a Wednesday night could be offered as a free perk of booking a weeknight dinner, as this will help to encourage bookings on quieter nights. These experiences aren’t just about the food you serve. They’re about creating an all-round memorable experience for your customer.

Attract Audience

What are the benefits of offering experiences?

If you’re considering offering experiences for your customers, here are some of the associated benefits:

Additional revenue streams

If you’re struggling to pull in enough customers on bookings and walk-ins alone, an experience can provide an extra incentive for customers to visit your venue. Experiences often come with a premium price tag, helping to attract customers who are willing to pay a little bit extra to experience something special.

Attract a wider audience

Different people have different reasons for dining out. For some, it’s a night off from cooking. For others, it is the chance to celebrate a special occasion. By offering a variety of experiences, you can cater to different audiences. Families might be interested in a child-friendly brunch, whereas couples might be interested in an evening of romantic music and a delicious set menu.

Testing new concepts

Another perk offering experiences is that it gives you the chance to test out new concepts without overhauling your entire menu. If you’re feeling tired of the monotony of cooking your standard menu, consider offering a tasting menu for an evening, where you can try out exciting new dishes, and gauge their popularity with your customers.

Chefs Table Experience

Ideas for experiences

The type of experience you offer will depend on what sort of establishment you’re running. Here are a few ideas:

Bottomless brunch

If Instagram is anything to go by, the popularity of bottomless brunches is clear. A quick search at the time of writing shows 425,060 posts tagged #bottomlessbrunch. Jump on the trend, organise your own bottomless brunch, and offer prepaid tickets for a Sunday brunch to remember.

Cooking classes

During the pandemic, the popularity of virtual cooking classes rose considerably. Now that our doors are open again, why not host an in-person cooking class where customers can learn how to prepare signature dishes from your menu? Not only will this provide customers with an engaging and memorable experience, but they’ll also learn some new skills.

Chef’s table experience

For an unforgettable immersive experience, offer your guests the chance to witness up close the care and attention that goes into the preparation of their meal. Chefs can showcase an exquisite tasting menu, and guests are able to watch their meal come to life.

Here at Dawnvale, we help restauranteurs to create inviting, memorable spaces, that customers will want to return to again and again. If you have an idea for a restaurant fit out or renovation project, then get in touch to speak to a member of our team.

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