Restaurant Fixed Seating
From comfort to revenue: why fixed seating is a must-have in your dining space

The layout of a bar, restaurant or café can play a significant role in the overall experience offered to guests. One aspect that can greatly impact the ambience and comfort of a dining space is the type of seating used.

While some establishments opt for a more flexible seating arrangement, such as movable chairs and tables, there are several benefits to choosing fixed seating instead:

Restaurant Fixed Seating

1. Maximises space

Fixed seating can help maximise space within a restaurant or café. Since the furniture is attached to the walls or floors, it takes up less floor space than individual chairs and tables. This means that more customers can be seated comfortably in the same area, without feeling like sardines in a tin.

2. Provides comfort and privacy

Booths offer a sense of enclosure that can help customers feel more relaxed and at ease. Additionally, fixed seating provides a degree of separation between tables, which can reduce noise levels from other tables and create a more intimate dining experience.

Restaurant Fixed Seating

3. Increases revenue

If you optimise the use of space and provide more comfortable seating options, customers may be more likely to stay longer and order more food and drinks. An added bonus of fixed seating is that it can provide a more upscale ambience, which may attract customers who are willing to spend a little extra on their meals.

4. Improves efficiency

With movable chairs and tables, staff members may need to constantly rearrange the furniture to accommodate larger groups or to create space for waiting staff to move around. This can be time-consuming and disruptive, especially during busy periods. With fixed seating, however, the furniture is always in the same place, making it easier for staff to navigate the space and serve customers efficiently.

Restaurant Fixed Seating

5. Enhances aesthetics

Booths and banquettes come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, allowing owners to customise the seating to fit their establishment's theme and decor. They can be designed to incorporate additional features, such as storage compartments or charging ports for electronic devices, further enhancing the customer experience. Fixed seating can also be designed to fit specific spaces, such as curved or angled walls, creating a seamless and cohesive design.

6. Makes bookings easier

Since the furniture is in a fixed location, customers can specify their preferred seating arrangements when making a reservation, and the restaurant can ensure that their table is ready when they arrive. This can help reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction. Another benefit of fixed seating, when it comes to bookings, is that it’s easier for staff to manage reservations and assign tables, as they don't need to worry about rearranging furniture to accommodate different party sizes.

Restaurant Fixed Seating

7. Provides versatility

Fixed seating is adaptable to different uses. For example, booths can be used for both dining and waiting areas, while banquettes can be used to create private dining spaces or add a decorative element to a large room. It’s also a flexible option, as fixed seating can be combined with movable furniture, such as chairs and tables, to create a functional dining space that’s adaptable to changing requirements.

We understand that creating a functional and stylish space is vital for the success of your business. Our interior fit-outs merge profit-driven design with value engineering principles to produce spaces that are both visually appealing and optimised for efficient operational flow, speedy service, and staff productivity.

Our fixed seating options are flexible, customisable, and low maintenance, providing a practical solution that meets your dining space requirements. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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