Perfect Bar or Restaurant Atmosphere
How to create the perfect bar or restaurant atmosphere

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your bar or restaurant is key to its success. One of the key things customers look for in a bar or restaurant is the ambience, so making your venue as atmospheric as possible should be high on your agenda when it comes to the bar or restaurant design process.

There are several different things to consider when you first set out to create the perfect bar or restaurant atmosphere. From the lighting to the type of seating you choose, everything counts and even the seemingly smallest of details can make or break the mood you’re trying to cultivate.

Bar and Restaurant Lighting


In order to create the perfect atmosphere lighting is absolutely essential, and should be top of the list of your considerations. Harsh, stark lighting is an absolute no-no for bars and restaurants, as it creates an almost clinical atmosphere. You want your bar or restaurant to be a place people can wind down and relax – a feeling that should be reflected in your lighting choices. Mood lighting is a great option, and candles, fairy lights and table lamps all work well when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Bar and Restaurant Colours


Colours are also key for creating the right kind of atmosphere. Warm shades tend to work well for restaurants as they are very welcoming and are also said to enhance appetite. Pick a colour palette that lends itself to your theme whilst also matching the mood you’re aiming to create.

Bar and Restaurant Music


Music is another vital ingredient in the atmosphere mix. Having no music immediately puts people on edge, making them less likely to relax and enjoy themselves. Whether it’s low-key, soft, relaxing background music or something more upbeat and lively, choose music that works with the venue whilst creating the right kind of atmosphere. Often louder, faster music works well in bars, whereas more chilled out, soft music works better in restaurants.

Perfect Bar Seating


Seating is often something people overlook when creating the perfect atmosphere, but actually it is really important. If your customers are uncomfortable, they are much more likely to leave early, whereas if they are given welcoming, comfortable chairs to sit in, they will stay much longer. Also consider the positioning of the tables and chairs; get in the position of your potential customer and imagine seeing what they see – does it work for the atmosphere you are trying to create?

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